Beautiful Me®


It was a beautiful day. As soon as the bell rang, the school doors opened and crowds of children came pouring out of the school building. Among those children were Shanikia and her friends Rhonda, Cleo and Marina who delighted in feeling the sun on their faces and talked about what they would do when they got home.

"Hey, let's play jump rope!" said Rhonda.

"Yeah. Let's double dutch," Marina said.

"Okay," Shanika and Cleo agreed.
So, the four girls ran as fast as they could to Shanika's apartment building. She was the only one who had a rope long enough to play the game in which two ropes are twirled at the same time, but in opposite directions. In just a few minutes, Shanika had run inside, picked up her jump rope, and joined her friends out on the sidewalk.

"Okay, let's start," Shanika said, holding both ends of the rope in her hands. "I have to go back inside in an hour."

Marina picked up the loop of rope from the ground and together with Shanika they began twirling the rope. After a few twirls, Cleo jumped in and began her favorite double dutch chant.

Just before Shanika was about to take another turn jumping, she glanced at her watch. She had been having so much fun jumping and taking turns twirling the rope with her friends that she had lost track of time.

"Oh, no! I'm late," she said. " I have to go in."

Marina and Cleo stopped twirling. Shanika waited for them to give her the rope ...

Handsome Me®


It was a bright, sunny day. Everyone was in the playground. As Trevor walked by, his friends yelled out to him.

"Hey, Trevor!" Eric shouted. He stood on a basketball court where several boys were already playing.

"Hey, Eric!" Trevor shouted back through the fence. "What's up?" "Come shoot some hoops with us," Eric said.

"Sure," Trevor said, then ran through the opening in the playground's wire fence onto the playground.

His foot barely touched the court when the ball came sailing out of the air towards him. In one smooth move, he caught the ball, ran up to the basket and made a perfect shot off of the backboard.

A small group of girls had begun to crowd around the court to watch. It was hard not to notice Trevor. He had skills way beyond those of the other players, and the girls immediately began to talk about him.

"That boy can play some basketball," one girl named Joy, said.

"Oh, look, he's coming this way," said another girl named Tanya, as Trevor moved down the court again to make a fast play.

Even though he was playing, Trevor had noticed the girls, and could hear everything they were saying about him. So he smiled and began a series of cool moves to impress them ...

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